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Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes

The PEFC is an international initiative based on a broad understanding of the parties (representatives of forest owners and poplar groves, end consumers, users, freelancers, the world of the wood industry and crafts) interested in the implementation sustainable forest management at national and regional level. PEFC Italia is a non-profit association which constitutes the national governing body of the PEFC certification system, i.e. the Program for the Evaluation of forest certification schemes. PEFC is the guarantee that the woody raw material for paper and wood products comes from sustainably managed forests The essential condition to be able to use the PEFC logo on your products made with PEFC certified material is to have the PEFC Chain of Custody certificate (CoC certification) The Chain of Custody (in English CoC - Chain of Custody) is a traceability system designed to ensure that the company possesses and uses the necessary security mechanisms to trace certified products within its own process of production and demonstrate that no timber or derivatives from controversial sources (eg illegal logging or in protected areas) can enter the chain of such products.









Forest Stewardship Council  



The  FSC®, in the world, identifies products containing wood from forests managed in a correct and responsible manner according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.
FSC® is an international, independent and non-profit NGO, which includes among its members environmental and social groups, indigenous communities, forest owners, industries that process and trade wood, scientists and technicians who work together to improve the management of forests around the world. To succeed in its mission, FSC® has adopted a voluntary and third party (independent) certification system, specific for the forest sector and products derived from forests, operating internationally. At the base there are 10 Principles and 56 Criteria (P&C) of good forest management, rules for the traceability of products and rules for the use of the international registered trademark. By certification of traceability we mean the identification of all the steps that lead from the forest of origin, where the trunk lies, to the finished product (also called chain of custody, from the English chain of custody-CoC). in wood and paper that display the FSC® logo are certified as coming from forests that respect P&C and companies in possession of a valid CoC certificate can affix the FSC® mark on their products.