Who we are

Trevikart # Greendesign is a young company born from the solid roots of the Pro-Gest group, a leader in its sector for more than 40 years and which currently has the entire paper supply chain within it, from the collection of the pulp to the realization of the finished product. We firmly believe in the potential of corrugated cardboard which, with its versatility, is a material with infinite possibilities of use, development and customization.  Thanks to the use of cutting-edge digital technologies, the continuous research of materials and finishes, design and creativity, Trevikart #Greendesign can offer a wide and assorted range of products.


02 Our Group

One of the major players in Europe in the vertically integrated production of paper, cardboard, packaging and packaging. Founded in 1973, the Group now has a network of 26 production plants operating in 7 Italian regions. Let's bring paper back to life is the philosophy that belongs to it. The entire production cycle, which involves all the companies of the Group, begins within the waste collection platforms and in the paper mills, where millions of square meters of paper are produced every day through the recycling of paper and cellulose fiber. The papers, which differ on the basis of weights, colors and performances, are then delivered to the Corrugators to be transformed into corrugated cardboard sheets, necessary for the realization of various types of packaging both for the Industrial sector and for the sector of the Food. Also important is the division that deals with the production and converting of tissue paper, which has always been the flagship of the Italian paper industry. The various operating offices are divided into 4 Business Units which together constitute a complete integrated supply chain, for over 40 years with competence at the service of the Customer's requests.


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